There are instances when we look around our bedroom and realize that there is a need to do a makeover. But you might worry about not having a budget for it. You could be thinking of what you can do in order to get a better bedroom with fewer budgets or by not spending anything at all. Well, as the adage says, if there is a will, there is a way. Look around you and check on the things that you can use for your makeover. For sure, you will be able to find a way on how you can have a seemingly new bedroom.

It doesn’t mean that just because you have lesser budget, that you will no longer be able to get the kind of bedroom you want. You can! You can get ideas first by looking at some bedroom design inspirations then try to think of how you can get a similar look by spending less. Aside from that, there are still other things that you can do to get a bedroom makeover even if you are on a budget. Scroll down and take a look at the tips we have for you.

1. Add wallpapers.

Wallpaper is a lot cheaper than paint. It is also easier to install on the wall. You can even choose lovely prints and colors to use that would fit the kind of look you want. Wallpapers are not just good for walls but it can also be used for furniture. Look for wallpapers from thrift shops so you can save money.

2. Sew curtains.

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You can get the kind of curtain you want by making it. Grab a fabric that is inexpensive and make your own curtain. There are even no sewing curtains that will make your work a lot easier. Try to look at magazines or search for them on the internet. You can surely get ideas on what you can do with your curtain.

3. Revamp furniture.

Instead of getting new furniture, why don’t you revamp your bed and cabinets? You can repaint them or you can also place wallpapers on them. Be creative with your design. After your makeover, your bed, chairs and cabinets will look like totally new!

4. Make a headboard.

One highlight of a bedroom is the headboard. After you have revamped the look of your bed, work on the headboard too. Check on what materials you have at home which can be a good headboard. Again, wallpaper can do the work but you can also try more creative ways. You can even place your own canopy bed if you want to.

5. Add wall decals.

Aside from wallpapers, wall decals are good too. The difference is that these wall decals occupy a lesser space on your wall. It can even be transferred to other areas if you want to. Wall decals are also good for children’s bedroom. It can liven up a boring wall and will surely add beauty to your bedroom.

6. Make pillow and bed covers.

If you have that sewing skills, make your own covers for the pillow and bed. Choose fabrics with lovely prints or those with prints that fits your bedroom’s motif. You can also buy covers. It would be wise to get those with high quality so that they will last long. Merely changing your covers will already give your bedroom a new look.

7.Rearrange furniture.

If there is still enough space in your room, why not rearrange your furniture? Drag your bed to a different area and place your cabinets in a different location. This way, you will give your bedroom a new look and it might even give it more space. Make sure that in arranging your bedroom furniture, you will bear in mind the traffic in your bedroom.

8. De-clutter room.

If you intend to do a makeover, do not skip this part. Do away with things that you no longer use because this will just crowd your room. Then create storage spaces so you can keep all your stuff well. This can give you a neater space.

9. Salvage furniture.

You might feel that you need a new piece of furniture in your bedroom. Instead of getting brand new pieces, you can salvage furniture from thrift shops or from sellers who have second hand items. Clean them well before using. Fix them if there are slight damages and do some makeover. This will make the furniture look brand new.

10. Makeover decorations.

Part of your bedroom is decorations. You can work on them to make them appear new. Like an old golden mirror can be painted to fit your bedroom’s motif. You can also make your own decorations. Then arrange them well in your bedroom.

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