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Thinking about appliances probably brings refrigeration, cleaning and cooking into mind, but today the home appliances have expanded into areas of your house beyond traditional laundry rooms and kitchen. Today you can find appliance in your great rooms, secondary laundry spaces, and mud rooms. Placing appliances here require them to be not only useful but also stylish and elegant. After all, you would not like that the entire décor of your room is destroyed due to the presence of one ugly looking appliance. You need to ensure that your new appliance is the perfect addition to your beautiful decorated room. Houseguru.my offers a wide range of state of the art home appliances. The chicness of these appliances will complement the décor of the room they are placed in. our solar heaters are the perfect solution for keeping the chill out of your rooms. Likewise, our fans, ventilators, and air condition are excellent for keeping the heat at bay. We also offer other products including water filters, water heaters, audio systems, coffee machine, garment steamer, television and much more.


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