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Return Policy

House Guru Return/Exchange/Cancellation Policy


1. A return or exchange request should be made within seven (14) calender days following product delivery date, under the condition that received product(s) were incorrect or flawed.

2. For return request, above said incorrect or flawed product(s) should be delivered back to merchant, and the delivery costs covered by customer. Information required for a valid return includes:
i. Proof of purchase.
ii. Bank details provided in complete return form if payment was made via iPay88,Paypal.
iii. Valid reason(s) for said return request.

3. Once return request was approved by merchant, payment made for product(s) will be fully refunded to customer via bank transfer within (30) full working days.

4. For exchange request, replacement/new product(s) would be delivered to customer if request was approved by merchant.

5. Return or exchange requests would be voided if and when:
i. Requests were made due to change of mind and/or after seven (7) calendar days following delivery date (eighth day onwards).
ii. Products were used and/or damaged due to non-compliance to manufacturer’s instructions.
iii. Product tags (eg. price tags or warranty tags) were removed or torn in any way that degrades product value that prevents re-sale of said product.
iv. Packaging materials were damaged, discarded or lost.
v. Re-sale of products was made impossible due to loss of value over time.
vi. Parts or components of product (including free gifts) were used or lost.

6. In the event that product was damaged during transportation, customer service of House Guru should be contacted within 24 hours for reimbursement purposes.

7. Returns costs shall be borne out by the party attributable to the returns request, such as:
i. Buyer, where the returns is due to his / her change of mind.
ii. Seller Member, where the returns is due to the defects in the Product, delivery delay by

Seller, and / or delivery of the wrong or different product.

1. A cancellation request could be made after payment if product(s) have not been dispatched at time of request.
2. Upon the approval of cancellation request, customer will receive full refund via bank trasnfer after (30) working days. However, if product has already been dispatched by merchant, cancellation request would be rejected.

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